Prestation disponible dès mai 2023

La Vouivre

Lurking in the shadows for years, the myth of the Wyvern was just waiting to emerge from its torpor. In 2021, as the world turns to the apocalypse, the circus company Origami has decided to join forces with craftsmen-creators in order to bring the creature back to life.


Entirely made of rattan and wood, the beast is a unique piece about three meters high. Thanks to the flexibility and the lightness of its materials, this puppet is extremely handy and becomes a support of creation of a legendary quality for the circus and the theater.


The wyvern is part of one of the most popular myths of French-speaking Switzerland. This winged serpent bearing a magic carbuncle on its head has been the protagonist of many stories and literary works. In our case, why not bring this legend back to life?


We imagined a series of lines of research. These seek to unite in a living spectacle its imaginary and monstrous environment. Objects are transformed, characters play with their bodies. The soundscape aims to move the viewer towards an extraordinary world.


2023 objectives

The La Vouivre stroll is impressive in terms of its appearance, its mobility and its artisanal design. Six people give it life and bring it closer to people. The wandering is dramatized, throughout the journey, the Wyvern is certain places of stop where impromptu can introduce to the observer of improbable act.

The spectacle of La Vouivre invites itself to a public square. Everything is set up to offer a real waking dream. Circus arts, puppets and French-speaking folklore come together to introduce a new version of the legend loaded with fantasy and surprises. 6 circus artists will bring this puppet to life and bring its universe to life through their artistic know-how. Acrobatics, manipulation of objects, dance, theater and sound creation are particularly present in this great live show.

First handling of the company Origami


Christophe Kiss is a freelance puppet sculptor. Established in Rolle, he teaches drawing and executes commissions for cultural institutions. Through the JEMA (Arts and Crafts Days) he met Michel Québatte, master basket maker based in Yverdon-les-bains. A complicity is established and, in 2020, the first sketches of a winged serpent, entirely made of rattan, are born. The idea was to have an ultra manageable, light, unbreakable, aesthetic and ecological puppet, being made with natural materials. Indeed, the material with which the Wyvern is created is an extremely interesting medium: the rattan is soft when it is wet, it can then marry the shapes that are given to it and stiffens once dry. It retains its flexibility at all times, virtually unbreakable. In addition, it is light and only grows in areas of humid biodiversity, completely refractory to monoculture. Assisted by Samantha Kiss, Noé Favre and Kurt Straumann, the two experts brought to life, through cunning and intense reflection, the desired creature, about 2m50 tall, made to be animated by six people at belly level and wings.

Christophe Kiss, professional puppet sculptor and drawing teacher at CFPArts in Geneva.


Michel Québatte, professional creative basket weaver, trainer for social teachers and designer students, Yverdon-les-bains.


Samantha Kiss, multidisciplinary artist, mediator of cultural projects and social animator since 2019