February 2

Origami ship's log

In the far reaches of the universe ...



A breath ? an inspiration ... A long journey!


Then we start writing in January 2020. And we have a hard time!

Obviously, we start from a very broad idea at the beginning and after having agreed several times and then more, we come out of three days of writing, with a big draft.


Much research later, October ... We wrote a story, pieces of music, then a "story board".


A story what? A story board gathering all the ideas within the story, (moods, concepts, music, etc ...)! For us, it is an easy way to work in collaboration with others. We modify it as the creation progresses, in order to better get along with our dear musicians, Theo and Maya,  as well as our writer Josh.

For once, we have the ideas before starting to create for real. What changes our circus habits in fact!


Then hop! We have been working hard since October in order to be able to manage all aspects simultaneously. Why and how are we going to find the time to do all of this? (we're freaking out a bit anyway !!!) In this fun time, we have time not to kill for this creation. We miss the shows but we do not lose hope because our philosophy at the moment is to continue this project to the end in order to be ready for the big comeback on stage and to come back better. Sometimes, we have the impression of breaking our heads when we could do very simple. Except that following our ideas to the end has the potential to take us to where we would like to be; on stage with a great creation to share.


We create together the music, the story, the concepts, the decor, the circus technique, the choreography and the paperwork ... All for a real immersion in a logistical universe. We discover the joys and the tears of administrative life. We almost forget to create sometimes! Fortunately our passions and our ideas are always there to catch up with us. It has become a joint project with a small circle of people (great friends!). We do a nice job and everyone gives it their own scale to be able to complete this beautiful creation.


For once, we have the ideas before starting to create for real. What changes our circus habits in fact!



We did not find a photo of us working but we put this superb ferret for you.

His name is Marius .. We adopted him recently!

Some tasks and progress in more detail



​​ We start with the set where we will soon pass the construction stage with Captain Cochet! We started from a drawing and imagine the decor so that it carries the show, that it visually and acoustically brings the little grain of atmosphere that we are looking for.


Cabane 03.jpg

With a little paint and elbow grease it will look like this:

Music is a bit complex! We are developing with several sound outputs. With some strange speakers, others hidden in scrap bins ... We compose a lot according to the story board. We also take the opportunity to do small experiences that emerge from time to time with great surprises.


Capture d’écran 2021-02-10 à 17.25.43.

Writing ... There are a lot of texts and little notes, we really help Josh at RadioTonic for that!  Surprises to come !!


No arms no training ....

Circassian technique we are still here. Juggles, equis, acrobatics, hand to hand, unicycle. A few small details slow us down, like; a shoulder less or not going to training spaces, But we're going to get by, because we're crazy, we don't worry too much! For the moment we are waiting for a while to resume as a duo, which lets us progress well on the less physical parts of the project.


In terms of broadcasting , we were able to make great encounters, including the TSHM of Thônex who helped us a lot and we thank! Ditto for the circus school of Confignon who have already programmed us. At this stage of creation, we are always looking for more.  


As for the weather , the weather is fine but a little cold since it is the middle of winter. Then for traffic , the tracks gradually become free and we begin to see the end of the schmilblik.


arm without splint
arm with splint

Thank you, thank you, thank you ... <3



We wish to thank all the people around us from far or near on the creation of this show.


Théo & Maya for the musical collaboration.

Captain Cochet for setting up and building the set.

Josh for writing the lyrics.

Delphine for administrative help.

The TSHM of Thônex ( Kyo & Paul in particular) for the help and support for the dissemination of the company.

Louise for little advice on sewing and proofreading texts, files, etc.

Iron for Ella's moral support. (she is ... sensitive)

Mr. the physio  which allows us to resume training very soon.

Fiona and Davide  their help for our places of residence.