Human Bandwidth

By and by Sévane Gurunlian


Comedy, sound experimentation, unicycle and acrobatics

30 minutes​​

We create, imagine and compose universes using everything that surrounds us  . In my little world everything is made of sounds, I imagine, I shape and I say without speaking ...

As conceptual as it is inventive, this circus solo mixes mime and sound around the clown.

In  electronic, the  bandwidth  of a system is the interval of  frequencies  wherein the signal attenuation is less than a specified value. What is not in the bandwidth is not supported by the system.  And this ... Has nothing to do with this show!

The main technique is immersion  mime through sound, that's how the common thread is created  a spectacle. The protagonist evolves between different disciplines of circus, unicycle, acrobatics and stunts! 


Possibly ... Available 


"  Human Bandwidth  »In 2019  


Exit from Residence La Griotte -  March 15

Exit from Résidence BuroSpace -  March 29

Art bubble dome -  May 11

Taj'um circus school -  May 18

Porteous Cultural Center -  June 1

Festiv'art -  June 15

Chatôbrouillard Festival -  July 3, 7, 10

Theater-Cirqule Festival -  October 5, 6

Veryer communal room -  December 6

The cafeteria  - 14  December


It is  through different  technical and artistic research that this show gradually materialized;

The piece is constructed from sound elements. The objective is to experiment with several  ways of exploiting sound through a physical performance. For this, several elements are  brought together on stage, four speakers, a mime and few sets thus constituting a blank space dedicated to the creation of different scenes. 

The story is built around this character, a little clownish  at his expense  . He describes his world without using words.  He recreates everyday situations and other more incongruous ones where, despite himself, his blunders catch up with him ...


Everything that revolves around the character is millimeter. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvisation. Moreover it is at  From there that certain parts are introduced in the show, two representations can be differentiated by some details ...