Origami is a Swiss company active since 2018 which aims to create and present live performance. She shares various experiences through physical poetry, musical creations, humor, acrobatic techniques, balance and juggling.

Circus company... 

Flagship project in 2022

  The little girl in the trash can

Live performance, in the street and indoors


Between humor and poetry

The Little Girl in the Bin

"They evolve in an environment where trash cans talk and where the little girl tries to regain control of the situation. The public is immersed in a fantastic universe where objects come to life and where time no longer means anything... We shoot in loop! This universe is that of the Ragman."

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Flagship creation in 2022

  The little girl in the trash can

Creation 2022/2023


 The Wyvern

Fantastic adaptation of Swiss folklore

Very multidisciplinary collaboration

Project release: 2023


Lurking in the shadows for years, the myth of the Wyvern was just waiting to emerge from its torpor. In 2021, as the world turns to the apocalypse, the circus company Origami has decided to join forces with artisans-creators in order to bring the creature back to life.